In this ever changing world, Venice remains a wonderful and magic place of dreams ... if you wish to be part of it , please contact us and book an apartment, this makes your life a little bit easier and you feel like a local "un Veneziano".
When the prices of hotels and restaurants remain prohibitive here you get a lower price!


What many tourists fail to realize is that Venice has its own beach; a narrow strip of land between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea: Venice Lido is an excellent place for a healthy and relaxing holiday.
The Lido is only a 10 minute boat trip from St Mark's Square; an ideal location for anyone looking for a cultural holiday together with the peaceful atmosphere of a garden or a walk along the sea. It is wonderful to return from the crowded city to the relaxing atmosphere of the Lido.
The Lido has many shops and restaurants on its main Grand Avenue (Gran Viale)..but not only; beautiful walks round the streets of the centre allow you appreciate the unique "art nouveau" architecture known as "Liberty"; almost all the villas exhibit the complete freedom of creative expression and a genuine constituent eclecticism. Their external fa´┐Żades have been strongly influenced by the tradition of Venetian style in its diverse Romanesque, Byzantine and Gothic variants. One can only appreciate the beauty and serenity of these villas when you take a walk through the "centro storico" of the Lido.
Booking a lodging in Venice Lido you have the opportunity to make many sporting activities on the Lido; tennis, riding, archery, canoeing/kayak, sailing, windsurfing, water skiing, roller skating, parachuting, swimming (both in the sea and in the new swimming pool) and an excellent 18 hole golf course near the sea.
Due to its central location, the Lido is the ideal location for reaching all the most interesting places both in the north and south lagoons; travelling on the lagoon perhaps by rowing boat or yacht can be a unique experience.
Venice Lido is a very good solution also for those people who like visiting Venice during the Carnival.
Wearing a mask or a costume let you go back to an ancient and fascinating time: arriving in few minutes to St. Mark's square where the atmosphere is magic, you live an interesting and unique experience.
Booking a cheap rental in Venice Lido you have the opportunity to make a mask by yourselfs: in Venice there are laboratories where group of artists make courses to people learning to create and decorate masks.


Lion of St. Mark

Canal Grande

Sospiri bridge

Sunset at Lido beach

Lido Gran Viale



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